Wedding long straight sparklers are a great choice for your wedding. If you will decide to choose longest sparklers, you can create with them a sparkling tunel.
Sparklers can also brighten up your first dance even more. Wedding sparklers will sparkler long time and you they can sparkle whole first dance. Our longest sparklers will shine for 4.5 minutes.


We will prepare a set of wedding sparklers from sparklers with lengths: 90cm, 70cm and 40cm
We will add text on card of your choice for each sparkler. For example, combining your names, initials, date, place, and wishes.

Cards will tie with the atlas ribbons on sparklers. We will prepare you a combination of ribbons and cards so that everything matches the other decorations.

If you have a wedding that is completely unconventional, we can prepare ribbons and cards to match your decoration and wedding style.


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